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Cassandra R. Glover

(Co-Founder and President)

Cassandra R. Glover started MLCCC after volunteering for Leah’s House, a shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence and homeliness for three years and as the Youth Director for New Dimension Community Church in Lexington Park, Maryland for a number of years.  Her passion and experience, however, began much earlier in life.  As a junior high student in Rolling Fork, Mississippi, Cassandra was the superintendent for her church Sunday school, all the while, teaching Vocational Bible School during the summers at the Cary Christian School.  She also volunteered in a high school mentorship program while on active duty in Jacksonville, Florida.  Coupled with extensive experience and the passion, Cassandra is ideally prepared to run MLCCC. Cassandra graduated from Regent University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and additional studies in leadership and management.

As an active duty members, Cassandra and husband, Russell struggled to ensure their own children were able to compete in sports activities due to income restrictions, Cassandra decided she wanted to make it easier for other children with social economic issues to be able to  have the same opportunities as those in higher income brackets.  She recognized an urgent need for social activities in her own hometown, and proceeded to plan to bring organized sports and education together under one roof.

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